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Are you thinking of building a garden studio for some extra space but not sure where to start? You’re certainly not alone – garden studios are becoming more and more popular as the perfect way to extend your home, set up a home office in the garden or create a unique space for guests. Gardens of all shapes and sizes can host a garden studio and you can build to your own specifications. This article looks at the key considerations for how to build a garden studio from scratch.

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First of all, find out about whether or not you need planning permission. A garden studio can often be built without needing full planning permission as garden studios are classed under Permitted Development. The height of the garden room and its proposed use are both key points for deciding whether or not you need planning permission. Many people opt for flat roof garden studios which are under 2.5 high to comply with Permitted Development rules. Vertis are highly experienced in all planning matters and can provide a full application service if necessary.

You’ll need to factor in building regulations if you plan to use your garden studio for sleeping – so if you’re looking for a guest suite or extra space to host the kids when they are back from university, bear this in mind. You also need to make sure that your garden studio fully complies with fire regulations and has appropriate electrics, plumbing and smoke detectors.

Building your garden studio

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Once you’ve dealt with the key considerations, you can focus on the practical business of building your garden studio! The beauty of building a garden studio from scratch is that you can choose the size and specifications to suit your own requirements.

  • Plinth foundations are a popular option for building a garden studio as they are very quick to install, they don’t require too much site preparation and they are made from recycled materials.
  • Vertis use structured insulated panels for the main building. These can be insulated to the latest housing regulations standards so that your garden studio will be cosy all year round!
  • If you are using the garden studio as a home office, you will obviously need access to electrical sockets as well as telephone and audio visual cabling. Technology is moving fast where your garden studio electrics are concerned – you could even opt to control lights, power and air conditioning from your smartphone!
  • Once the main structure is built, you can focus on some great garden studio design ideas! Think about maximising the studio’s natural light and garden views and decide if you want to opt for a homely or more stylish look.

Building a garden studio is the perfect way to create more space or give yourself the ultimate work-life balance with a new home office. Vertis can support you through the whole process from design and planning through to building your dream garden studio.