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Who are Vertis?

Vertis pride ourselves on being an ethical, honest and hard-working business and we understand that our clients want to be re-assured that their building will be made to a high specification and completed on time. All of our modular buildings for schools are designed from our base in rural Bedfordshire. We even named our buildings after the beautiful woods that surround our home.

Our passion is for quality and innovation. We always make it our aim to produce buildings that are built to last and are sustainable. We are also committed to sharing our success; for every completed school building, we will donate a 500 square metre woodland to the National Trust Plant a Tree campaign.

We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service for the education sector and meeting the requirements of the whole school community.

Focused on education

We fully understand how vital a positive environment is for teaching and learning, and we believe that our mobile classrooms provide the ideal environment for nurturing your students. Our project managers will work closely with you to create sustainable and practical solutions to your education needs.


All our designs come in a range of sizes (exact specs on product pages)

Small = Ideal Group Room for up to 22 children
Medium = Ideal KS2 classroom for 30 children
Large = Ideal KS1 classroom for 30 children
Extra Large = COMING SOON

Small Duo = Ideal for 2 Independent School classrooms, each up to 22 children
Medium Duo = Ideal for two 30-child KS2 classrooms
Large Duo = Ideal for two 30-child KS1 classrooms
Extra Large Duo = COMING SOON