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“My garden room is better than expected – it’s a great working space, peaceful and quiet yet just feels like an extension of the house. I did a lot of research and was impressed with the materials used and the quality of the building.” Malcolm Downes


Working from home 3 days a week, our client wanted an office that would give him a good working environment. Unable to extend the house – a garden office and lodge was a perfect option. It also meant that the office took advantage of the lovely views that the garden offered.

Not only does the outdoor space give the client peace and quiet when the work needs to be done – it’s also turned into a room where he can play his guitar and music! The room has under-floor heating, so is even cosier than normal (when he arrives in his office at 8am, it’s straight to work). He also saves money as he doesn’t have to heat the whole house!

A remote lighting system is also a great feature – the room is 40 metres from the house so runway lights lead to the garden office and internal lights can be controlled remotely. This means the garden is well lit for the walk to and from the office during the winter months and is immediately welcoming when stepping in.

The space gets used by the whole family and teenage children are quick to use it to chill out with their friends in the evening – perfect for everyone.


All features of our client’s garden office and lodge are standard except for the addition of under-floor heating (prepared by us, installed by the client) and some custom electrical fittings to suit his needs.