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Golf Practice & Home Cinema, Woking


This multi-functional garden hobby room was built in order to replace an original outhouse next to our clients swimming pool. Working with our entrepreneur client based in Woking; Tim Barker, we helped create a dream space – a changing room, simulated golf range and cinema room that ticked all the boxes!

Key features

  • golf simulator
  • cinema screen
  • swimming pool changing room
  • outside decking

In order to create a simulated golf range, the building’s bespoke design needed to include a ceiling height of over 3 metres. The design also had to consider the existing landscape – the original outhouse was built on a slope so the back of the building would be lower. Whilst installing the garden hobby room, the team also needed to reroute the hydraulic pipes around the existing structure. Then it was discovered that a large block of concrete was under the building which had to be removed as part of the preparations.

Being ‘green’ was also important to our client, who appreciated our commitment to reducing waste and selecting environmentally friendly materials.

The family gained a social space to be enjoyed all year round. Whether throwing a pool party in the summer for their teenage children to enjoy, or just a game with golf buddies rounded off with front row seats, a beer and the latest DVD during the winter months!


  • full height 3 ft ceiling
  • excavated site 1 below ground level
  • remote control light switching
  • outside decking
  • cinema screen