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We were excited to help our client create a soundproof garden studio for his music business following the renovation of his London home. An additional space was required that was completely soundproof so that neighbours were not disturbed.


As a former World DJ Champion and music producer, the specification had to be entirely sound insulated and included fully de-coupled walls and ceiling as well as other acoustic treatments. This was not only to keep noise away from respective houses, but also to allow our client to fully hear the music and not be distracted from the outside world. This high spec design required minimum windows to keep sound within – we installed air conditioning to keep the room pleasant whilst our client worked.

The soundproof garden studio was based on our Garden Studio Range and went the full width of the garden in order to maximise space. Three quarters of the building is for music, but we also included space for an integrated storage room for gardening equipment etc. This extra room isn’t noticeable as our client chose to use our hidden seamless door which meant it blends in with the rest of the studio.

At 2.5m high, our client did not need any planning permission for this project, thus he was quickly able to reap the benefits of the new space. This soundproof garden studio also includes a sedum roof so that when you are looking at the room from the house you have a sustainable but extra green space to look at within an urban environment.

Whilst our client travels a lot, he’s happy to get back to his decks and create the music he loves in a fantastic surrounding just seconds from home!


  • 2.5m reduced height (no planning permission)
  • Studio range
  • Air conditioning
  • Window blinds
  • Green Sedum roof
  • Integral shed/store
  • High-spec sound insulation (including 2 sets of double glazing)

If you are interested in building your own soundproof garden studio or need more inspiration, take a look at garden room extensions.