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Are you expecting overnight guests for Christmas? Perhaps you have friends or family who like to stay regularly? If you love accommodating visitors but sometimes struggle for space, a garden guest house might just make your life easier.

A good night’s sleep

Spare rooms are great, but when in use, they don’t always allow for a peaceful night’s sleep. If your visitors have young children or keep different hours, it can be difficult to relax with the inevitable noise and disturbance.

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Similarly, if your usual habits aren’t compatible with those of your guests, they may not get the rest and relaxation you’d like to provide. With a guest house, everyone can feel at home. Your visitors can snore away, occupy the bathroom for as long as they like or even listen to the radio late at night in their outdoor guest house, without affecting your slumber.


Sleeping in the garden might not sound like the most inviting way to spend the night, but we promise, a garden guest room is a few notches up from camping out! Your external guest house will be a warm and comfortable space that can come complete with all the facilities you need to make your guests feel welcome, including a kitchenette, phone and broadband, central heating and hot water system. Cocooned in a self-contained private space replete with all mod cons, your visitors won’t want to leave the comfort of your luxury hospitality. (So if you often have guests from abroad who stay longer-term, or you’re putting up a relative in a granny annexe, it’s the perfect solution!)

Quicker and cheaper than an extension

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If you’re considering a guest house in your garden, the chances are you’re looking into a variety of solutions to free up more space in your home. If you’re seriously thinking about using the space in your garden to extend your living quarters, the good news is that a garden room is likely to be significantly cheaper to build than a full extension.

It’s also much quicker to put up; depending on your requirements, our Vertis team could have your garden room up and running in as little as 7 working days. What’s more, you may be able to avoid the need for planning permission before building your garden getaway.


If you only have visitors a few times a year, a guest house might not seem cost-efficient. But dual-purpose garden rooms can work really well for families who could use the space for a number of different purposes. You could build a dual purpose garden guest room that doubles up as a home office, maximising its usefulness and making a space that’s utilised day and night, all year round. With a foldable sofa bed similar to the one in this garden guest room and office, there’s a bed available anytime you need it, but it doesn’t need to clutter up your space on a day-to-day basis.

Get the ball rolling with your garden guest house today! Contact Vertis for a free consultation, and if no planning permission is required, you could be putting up your guests in style for the Christmas holidays.