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Schools continue to face overcrowding and with UK funding for new buildings in short supply, our modular school buildings are a great way for you to ease the pressure of building outdoor classrooms without spending millions on bricks and mortar.

Our modular buildings for schools incorporate a structural insulated panel system (SIPS) which enables them to be ‘put up’ quickly whilst still offering all the creature comforts you’d expect of a modern classroom – but in a much more cost-effective way.

Vertis strive to be green by nature, which is why a high proportion of our modular building materials are recycled. Environmentally-friendly school buildings are great examples of sustainable construction, offering loads of opportunities for teachers to instil a few green values in young minds. Yet, our Vertis buildings are perfectly designed to take advantage of underutilised outdoor spaces, therefore solving your mobile classroom needs without incurring the costs involved in a bricks and mortar addition.

You can put our portable classrooms up almost anywhere, even on a slope, using our flexible foundation system. You can decide on any internal layout, and opt for non overhanging or extended eaves for your school building project. Our flexible and bespoke design process works with you, so you can choose to have any type of rendered finish, various styles of wooden decking outside, and be involved in deciding where you’d like your A-rated windows and doors to go. This gives you more control over your mobile classroom’s final design and build, helping you control and cap costs.

We can kit your outdoor classrooms to suit any type of educational purpose:

  • Science labs
  • Music rooms
  • Activity centres
  • Club rooms……the list is endless

So depending on the type of lessons you want to teach, your modular school building will be designed accordingly, so you can deliver the same syllabuses as those taught the main school buildings. You can even use it as a function room for those hot summer ‘open days’, providing a stunning, contemporary modular building to welcome parents.

One of our client uses their new eco-friendly outdoor school classroom in tandem with the school eco-pond … working synergistically they wade around learning more about the local habitat and then slip back into the classroom, to ignite the imagination of the children. They even bring living specimens in to be examined which can then be returned quickly and safely to their natural environment.

And it’s not just the social or academic benefits that make an outdoor modular classroom such a great choice. It’s the increased accessibility. For instance you can say goodbye to planning permission in many cases because

a) you’re not altering the shape of the existing buildings and
b) we have years of experience in designing outdoor classrooms that avoid planning permission restrictions therefore giving you more freedom.

There are so many reasons to consider an outdoor mobile classroom for schools… including the fact it can be ‘flat packed’ or as we called it ‘deconstructed’ or even lifted from its foundations, and re installed elsewhere on the school site. What a huge bonus!

The cost of modular buildings needn’t be extortionate. So don’t give up on expansionist ideas, why don’t you take a look at our range of modular school buildings and outdoor classrooms, start thinking green and even involve the kids at the planning stage. In fact, we have other clients, for whom we custom-built an ‘indoor’ modular nursery that encouraged their younger learners to develop independence through “owning” the new building.

Installing an effective learning environment that has been adapted to children’s needs can excite even the most reluctant of learners to look forward to something new and engaging, that could be the turning point in their current take on school.

If you would like to speak to a specialist modular design consultant for a no obligation informal chat about getting an outdoor modular classroom for your school, contact us on 01582 805 440.

Your New School Building Constructed Over Half Term